Fast and Furious 9 story, cast ,trailer and release date

Fast and Furious 9 story, cast ,trailer and release date

Fast and Furious 9 Releasing Date 

22th May 2020

Fast and Furious 9 Story 

 Fast and furious 9 is a another  Hollywood action film directed by Justin Lin and written by Daniel CaseyIn this action packed film, Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and his family faced a new deadlier enemy within the style of Jakob (Cena),Dominic's younger brother, similarly their old threat Cipher (Theron).
In this action movie Dominic Toretto, a former criminal and professional street racer who has retired and settled down along with his wife, Letty and his son.Jakob Toretto, Dom and Mia's brother who is functioning as a master thief, assassin and a high-performance driver. Letty Ortiz Dom's wife, and a former criminal and professional street racer.Roman Pearce, an ex-habitual offender and a member of Dom's team.Tej Parker, a mechanic from Miami and a member of Dom's team.Mia Toretto, Dom and Jakob's younger sister and a former member of his team who has settled down along with her partner, Brian, and their two children. Ramsey, a British computer hacktivist and a member of Dom's team. Han Lue, a former member of Dom's team who was believed to possess been killed.Cipher, a criminal mastermind, and cyberterrorist who teams up with Jakob.

Fast and Furious 9 Cast 

Lucas Black potrays his role as Sean Boswell, a follower of Han and Dom,while Bow Wow and Jason Tobin  reprise their roles from Tokyo Drift as Sean and Han's friends Twinkie and Earl Hu, respectively. Cardi B portrays Leysa, a lady who shares a history with Dom, Anna Sawai portrays Elle, while Michael Rooker was cast as Buddy. Additionally, Finn Cole, Vinnie Bennett, Ozuna, and Francis Ngannou have been cast in some special roles.

Fast and Furious trailer 


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