Raw, a franch horror film

Cannibalisman smoking habit are shocking elements of this film. You can see doctor smokes on duty in a clinic. This French-language horror film is a debut feature of Julia Ducournau, who wrote and directed it.Though it was her debut film but really knows her stuff and is clearly bound for mainstream success. Classic vampirism has been included.
 Yes, I am of course talking about Raw, the french language horror film.When was the last time you saw a layered coming of age story told through the perspective of cannibalism because that's exactly what this film is. Wrong, doesn't have a lot of interest in showing cannibalism as the exotic gruesome custom it's so often is in horror films. Instead, the film explores humanity and sexuality. A different kind of hunger for flesh in a thought provoking emotional and visually stunning way, it will make you wins. There is no doubt about that, but it will also surprise you with how powerful and universal the themes are that it addresses. Raw also features one of the best and most honest portrayals of a siblings relationship, which is easily one of the best parts about this film and one of the parts I enjoyed the most. Basically it's a dark and powerful and surprisingly relatable story that I ended up enjoying a lot more than I could have ever expected.
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